University Hospital of Lille [CHU Lille]

The University Hospital of Lille (CHU-Lille) is a university hospital centre with a total capacity of more than 3000 beds and is made up of 14 specialist hospitals, in the European metropolis of Lille (Hauts-de-France), and it is affiliated with ULille. Together with the Eurasanté Park and the University of Lille, it constitutes one of the largest health campuses in Europe and its Faculty of Medicine is the largest in France with more than 12000 students. For more than 10 years, it is ranked among the three best hospitals in France1 for care (2nd this year), the 3rd best one for scientific publications (6123 articles between 2015 and 2018), and the 4th for clinical trials (more than 8000 patients included each year).

The participating team is leaded by Pr. David Devos. The team has medical expertise in infectious diseases of Pr. Julien Poissy (Covid-19 in intensive care unit) and Dr. Emmanuel Faure (Covid-19 in medical units) as well as in virology and diagnosis (PCR and serology) thanks to Dr. Enagnon Kazali Alidjinou and Dr. Ilka Engelmann. Prof. Alain Duhamel is leading the department of Biostatistics of the CHU-Lille also participating in CorDial-S.

1Le classement des meilleurs hôpitaux de France 2015  (consulté le 23 juillet 2016)



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People involved in CorDial-S

  • Ilka ENGELMANN: MD, Associate Professor ULillle,CHU Lille ,Virologie Laboratory
  • Enagnon Kazali ALIDJINOU: MD, Associate Professor ULillle,CHU Lille ,Virologie Laboratory
  • Emmanuel FAURE: MD, Department of infectious diseases, CHU Lille, attached to OPINFIELD structure
  • Julien POISSY: MD, Professeur  ULille, CHU Lille, Department of Intensive Care and infectious diseases
  • Anne Sophie ROLLAND: Neuroscience Project Manager CHU Lille
  • Alain DUHAMEL: Professor ULille, CHU Lille, Head of the Deparement of Methodology and Biostatistics of CHU Lille
  • David DEVOS: MD, Neurologe CHU Lille, Professor in Parhmacology ULille