Colmeris MedTech

Colmeris® MedTech is a French company, on a human scale, specialized in research, import, distribution of technical and innovative medical devices. It focused on several main areas:

  • Hemorrhagic risk situations management - PSM / Attacks / Hemorrhagic risk situations in hospital - Exclusive range of QuikClot® active hemostatic dressings
  • Management of health risk situations - Exclusive range of Dressings / adhesives / Individual protection antimicrobials Triomed®.
  • Active engagement of Colmeris MedTech in the search for technical solution and supply during COVID-19.
  • Collaboration in medical research / Research of unmet needs / Challenge of monopoly situations: Tricumed® infusion pump for the management of spasticity and pain by intrathecal route. In addition, we are working on its use for the treatment of Parkinson's disease with
  • InBrain Pharma in the context of clinical trials.

Colmeris® Medtech is a pharmaceutical company trading in medical devices. As a result of these activities, the Colmeris team has developed skills in the regulation of medical devices (CE marking, reimbursement file, etc.) and the evaluation of all aspects of innovative medical devices (IP, Market). ..) before marketing. It is a company operating in sales with a dedicated team. It can therefore support any company wishing to market a device in Europe from production to sale and regulatory monitoring.

Our philosophy and our will is to meet the needs of patients and caregivers by providing qualitative, innovative and comprehensive therapeutic solutions.

Our team is made up of caregivers, researchers and experts in medical devices. As such, we want to be the guarantors of expertise, training and product quality. To be the gateway for all patients and caregivers in France and Europe to benefit from the latest generation of medical devices in their therapeutic or diagnostic fields.


We have links with many companies in the field of medical devices and consulting. We can easily solicit them, mandate them, integrate them according to their area of ​​expertise throughout the project until its commercialization.

People involved in CorDial-S

  • Guillaume PIGEON: CEO of Colmeris MedTech
  • Matthieu FISICHELLA: Co-Founder of Colmeris MedTech