Magnostics Ltd is a SME based in Dublin, Ireland  that was incorporated in 2017. The company was founded on technology that allows high magnetic moment superparamagnetic particles (200-2000 nm) for in vitro diagnostic applications.  These particles are produced and coated with specific chemistries based on an ISO13485 compliant manufacturing process that has resulted of research and development investments by NASA, Science Foundation of Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Research Counsel.

Selling innovative solutions for unmet and emerging in vitro diagnostics (IVD) needs is at the heart of Magnostics’ business. Magnostics is focused on delivering these solutions to IVD manufacturers based on proprietary nanotechnology, i.e., superparamagnetic (SPM) beads, that enables significant improvements in the sensitivity, specificity and cost of diagnostics tests. This business model consists of a “raw material to finished product” approach. In the long-term Magnostics will bring point of care tests (POCTs) to market for unmet medical needs based on novel biomarkers and a pool of patented magnetophoretic technologies.

The team is composed of our full-time technical staff members and we work closely with several companies that specialise in diagnostic and pharmaceutical manufacturing and regulation.  We have a close working relationship with Alpha Precision, which is an engineering firm based in Sligo, Ireland, that is capable to mass production of consumables for in vitro diagnostic.  Engineering design support and regulation consulting are performed by HighTech Healthcare  and d’Arcy Consulting


The managing Director at Magnostics is :

•  Gil Lee (male). He has over 30 years of experience in the production of novel magnetic reagents and biosensors for pathogen detection. He has led several teams of scientists in the successful launch of biosensors for viruses, enterotoxins, and pathogenic bacteria, in the EU and USA.


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